Omega Z-33 Spacemaster Watch

Now you can see that the most iconic side of the Z-33 is this. This is identical to the design of the original Speedmaster Alaska Project. It is a super-master series designed for extreme cold temperatures such as temperatures on Mars. The version of the Alaska project watch for this case I think has not been produced. Although it does exist but it is very cool. The case later appeared on the Omega Replica Flightmaster watch.

Like the X-33, the Z-33 will feature a special thermal-compensated Swiss quartz movement. Inside the Z-33 is the Omega Replica Watches quartz movement 5666 multi-function analog/digital movement. Before the X-33 with rotating text, this model has an LCD screen that is easier to read in a horizontal format. The special red (with backlight) on the black screen provides excellent readability.

This is a pilot watch. It’s only 30 meters waterproof, but it should be fine for most people who use it. The design is very cool, and I am happy that Best Omega Replica Watches is still focused on those who want high-performance high-end quartz movement watches. Historic cases and recognition of Omega’s past will be the ideal choice. This watch comes with a leather and rubber strap.