Omega Speedmaster ‘Tropical’ Brown Dial Retro Watch Explanation

From about 1957 to 1965, a flaw in the manufacturing process of the black dial used on the Omega Speedmaster series led to the occasional fading of the dial to brown, sometimes referred to as “tropical brown” or “chocolate”. Collectors who have long sought to buy a second-hand Omega Speedmaster Professional will be familiar with their extraordinary price compared to non-faded parts. What is the cause of this defect and the basis for the huge premiums required to bring one of your watches into your collection? Let’s see.

According to Jack Khorsandi, owner of the retro Cheap Omega Replica Watches boutique in Los Angeles, Jack Khorsandi, fading was a flaw in the dialmaking process from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. In order to prevent the black dial from fading and losing its vitality, the dial is chemically coated before it leaves the factory, but the irony is that, in rare cases, the opposite is expected: chemical coating and dialing allow Normal fading is faster.

Although the most important thing is related to Omega Speedmaster professionals, the fading is not limited to this model, nor is it limited to Omega Replica Watches; from this period, Rolex watches have faded in a similar way. It is not entirely clear whether this defect is limited to Swiss watch manufacturers or whether they are further extended. It is very likely that when a non-Swiss manufacturer learned the process, defects were discovered and the chemical coating process was redesigned.

The root of the “tropical brown” description is that prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause most of the fading. In Switzerland, far from the equator of the sun, the fading is not as obvious as the country close to it. Therefore, “tropical” is used as a descriptor, as many Omega Replica Speedmaster series “Tropical Brown” dials come from warm areas close to the zero latitude of the Earth, and the Sun highlights this defect.

Collectors are attracted to the watch for their rarity and the eye-catching aesthetic of Omega Speedmaster’s “Tropical Brown”, especially when paired with a strap and a rich palette of tones. No matter how good or bad, speculators are attracted to watches because of their rarity and the belief that such defects will only make watches more satisfying in the years to come, and are now purchased and held by anyone with enough wisdom. The watch brings considerable profits.

View historical sales data for all Omega Speedmaster watch collections on eBay, the online auction site from December 2014 to March 2015. On average, the Omega Speedmaster “Tropical Brown” dial is 124% lighter than the black dial. . When only the Omega Speedmaster Pro is filtered, the premium will rise to 334%, and the average price of the Omega Speedmaster Pro “Turquoise Brown” is $8,550. Regardless of the series, the average price of Fake Omega Watches Speedmaster Professional “Tropical Brown” is $4,333.

It has not yet been seen whether speculators’ slow-growing plans will emerge, but this idea does have a long way to go in explaining the huge premiums that Omega Speedmaster’s “tropical brown” dial can earn (as mentioned above). Obviously, due to the different valuations of brown based on different shades, observation conditions and the market expansion of these watches, only well-researched and recognized collectors should consider adding one of the rare watches to their collections. .

If you look at the Best Omega Replica Watches Speedmaster “Tropical Brown” dial example and can’t convince you that you need to add one to your series, check out the Omega Speedmaster Mark II. The same average price as the above data is $2,225, which is only 27% higher than the Omega Speedmaster Mark II with a black dial.

There aren’t any speculative opportunities in this series, but if you like the Omega Speedmaster Mark II and are looking for an interesting addition to your collection, then the Omega Speedmaster Professional “Tropical Brown” version may be worth paying attention to, especially if you have a beautiful brown leather. The strap needs to be paired with it.