Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Table and Space Race

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch is one of the most famous historical watches of all time, and it still happens to be produced today. This is some of the “background stories” behind the iconic watch: you may have used a satellite today. Whether it’s a TV, a mobile phone or the Internet, your digital footprint can eclipse the sky and be shocked by a network of sophisticated machines that surround the rock ball we call more than 18,000 miles per hour. However, before the successful launch of 1,071 satellites, no man-made equipment orbited the Earth. Then, on October 4, 1957, the pistol was fired and the space race began.

The launch of the Soviet satellite 1 made American President Dwight Eisenhower amazed because he created the word Spenik to deal with Russia’s success. However, satellites were not the only ones that changed the rules of the game in 1957; the other was in Switzerland, in the shadow of the Neuchâtel Mountains: the birth of Omega Speedmaster. In recognition of Omega’s growing reputation for race time, including the Olympics, the Omega Speedmaster series is designed as a sports chronograph with a speedometer bezel for calculating speed. Cheap Omega Replica Watches rarely knows the speed that the Omega Speedmaster series must withstand.

The NASA and Omega route first crossed in 1962, after Kennedy first promised to use the Americans as the first person on the moon. NASA flight crew leader Donald Dirk Slayton has two anonymous NASA officials who selected a range of watches from Houston jeweler Corrigan’s, as well as Longines Wittnauer, Rolex Daytona and seven others. Uncut watch. They chose the Omega Speedmaster Professional Edition.

In the blind turn of fate, their decision to choose the Best Omega Replica Watches sports watch was not unique; in the same year, astronaut Walter ‘Worley’ Silla wore a clock backup on his Sigma 7 spacecraft. He found it to perform flawlessly, almost as much as a steak sandwich loaded with friends and astronauts Leroy Gordon’Gordo’Cooper. But Slayton is not only concerned with watches in space; on the moon, the temperature change between light and shadow is expected to be between -160 ° C and + 120 ° C, away from the relative comfort of the Sigma 7 cockpit. This consideration led to a series of painstaking tests aimed at pushing the three finalists, Rolex, Longines and Omega to the point of breakthrough.

Slayton’s torture – the disturbing title “Qualification Test Procedure” – is long, aggressive, and thorough. At the time of testing, it was 1965. They included: 48 hours of high temperature test at 71 ° C, then 30 ° at 93 ° C; 4 hours of low temperature test at -18 ° C; near vacuum test, again Under high temperature and low temperature mixing; humidity test, 240 hours at 95% humidity at various temperatures and pH values; six times of brutal 40 gram impact test in six different directions; accelerated test from 1g To 7.25g, 333 seconds; decompression test at various temperatures; 1.6 high pressure test of ATM for one hour; three times of 30 minutes of vibration test of different frequency cycles, with an average of 8.8g per pulse; and between 40Hz and 10,000Hz The 130db acoustic test lasts for 30 minutes.

In the same year, more news from the Soviet Union and Russia shocked the United States; on March 18, Alexei Leonov spent a full 12 minutes outside his Voskhod 2 spacecraft, successfully completing the world’s first time. Spacewalk (or EVA: outside the car). It was later discovered that Leonov experienced great difficulties in weightlessness because his suit swelled under his own pressure and prevented him from re-entering the capsule. He risked his life and risked again, not only to relieve his suit pressure, but also to avoid overheating in the space vacuum. Russia has not tried another EVA for four years.

As far as NASA is concerned, this game is very real. Need to choose a watch from the trio, very fast. Fortunately, the test results were decisive: Rolex’s Daytona was crumbling during humidity testing and high pressure testing; Longines Wittnauer had a crystal blowout during high pressure and low pressure testing; Omega Speedmaster Professional was in decompression and accelerated testing Only timing errors occur during the period, which is the best result for all watches. By the end of 1965, NASA chose Omega Speedmaster as the official watch for the Gemini mission, joining Aide Wright as the first American to perform EVA. He and the other astronauts on board actually wore two, one to mission time and the other to Houston time.

Gemini gives way to Apollo, and Omega Replica Speedmaster continues to play NASA’s official watch. The mission started very badly. In 1967, the Apollo 1 launch exercise ended in the disaster because all three crew members – Virgil’Gus’Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee – were killed in a cabin shot. Problems are expected to occur; when the CM-012 spacecraft arrived at the Kennedy Space Center, there were 113 unfinished modifications. Before the incident, Grissom said the following points when asked about these questions: “You have to take it to your heart. Of course, you may always have a catastrophic failure; this may happen on any flight. It may It happens on the last and the first. So you only have to plan to take care of all these possibilities as much as possible. You have a well-trained crew and you will fly.”

Despite the tragedy, he still struggled to land on the moon, and this incredible attitude was answered. Launched in October 1968, Apollo 7 was the next manned Apollo mission to conduct a comprehensive orbital test of the command and service modules. Just two months later, Apollo 8 brought Frank Borman, James Jim Lovell and William Anders to the back of the moon. The initial purpose of the mission was to perform a low earth orbit test of the Moon module, which was not prepared in time. It did not cancel the mission, but changed it, pushing the launch and reducing the training of the astronauts by three months. This is the first time anyone sees the dark side of the moon.

The lunar module test finally began in Apollo 9 in early 1969, when the second docking of two manned spacecraft took place, and Russia defeated them again two months later. Apollo 10 completed the test and conducted a close-contact lunar module flight within a ten-mile radius of the moon’s surface. Everything is set for Apollo 11, especially watches. It turns out that they need to win the most exciting game in history.

At 8:18 on July 20, 1969, the moon module of Apollo 11 placed its feet on the fine dust on the surface of the moon. But the landing was not without problems: an important instrument failed and Neil Armstrong was asked to use his Omega Speedmaster in his position. That’s why, after more than six hours, when he took him and the world’s first one to set foot on the moon, he did not wear Fake Omega Watches. He reviewed the experience of mission technology reporting: our mission timer has been out, and we decided to leave a watch to avoid damage. We will have at least one working watch to support the task timer or replace the task timer in case we can’t use it again.

Edwin ‘Baz’ Aldrin wears his Omega Speedmaster because he joins Armstrong on the moon’s surface, making it the first ever watch to be worn on the moon. This is a huge achievement, especially considering that the first satellite was put into orbit less than 12 years ago. This short period of time is all the time Omega Replica Watches needs to start developing a watch that wants to be a historical creator.