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In 2015, the ladies who looked for the beautifully decorated and elegant Sedna Golden Omega Speedmaster series launched the Omega Speedmaster series Moon Watch No. 39.7mm reference. 311. Ignore the completely strange name, this does not really help you understand the design inspiration of the watch, and focus on the appearance of this new Panda-dialed Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. At the 2015 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Fair, this new Omega Speedmaster series will be a hot product for collectors who can raise the price of gold. In addition, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Numbered Edition 39.7mm watch is often referred to as the “Speedmaster First Cheap Omega Replica Watches In Space” because I prefer the name, so I will mention the watch in this comment.

According to Omega, the aesthetic inspiration of this Omega Speedmaster watch comes from the watch worn by astronaut Wally Shirra during the NASA Sigma 7 mission in 1962, where he orbited the Earth. Although this is not the first watch in space (that is the Russian timepiece), the 1962 mission marked the first time Omega Replica Watches entered space. Therefore, the Speedmaster “First Omega In Space” series was born. Equally interesting, according to information provided by Omega, Shirra purchased the Omega Speedmaster himself, before any official relationship with NASA.

This 2015 gold version of the “Omega’s first Omega” Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch is not the first. This is the Omega Speedmaster series Moonwatch numbered version. I think that what appeared in 2012 was 311. This is a beautiful looking, short-lived timepiece, I don’t believe it is still in production, in my opinion, this is the design study before Omega released Speedmaster ’57 coaxial chronograph (here is a blog to watch comments) . In fact, Fake Omega Watches is very interesting. The most notable element is the “early” Speedmaster hand that matches the Moonwatch style dial, but a closer look reveals that some interesting qualities should really inspire some collectors’ interest. Each of these qualities continues into this 18k Sedna gold version and the stunning dial.

Because the steel and gold versions are very similar, let me discuss some of the qualities they all have. The first is the classic Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch case with a case size of 39.7 mm wide. Omega Replica is paired with a brown shoulder strap, in this case a cute matte crocodile leather strap with white contrast stitching. With a width of less than 40 mm, it’s like a dress watch, perfect for formal dresses and long sleeves, but it still has the classic Omega Speedmaster look.

Unlike the “classic” Omega Speedmaster professional lunar watch still in production today, the First Best Omega Replica Watches In Space model features a dome sapphire crystal (compared to acrylic) and a ceramic bezel set. This adds a modern look with a vintage look, which means the age of these watches will be better. You can also get traditional arrow pointers instead of simpler (and readable) pointers, and most people contact Speedmasters.

Although it doesn’t have much, the illuminator on the dial is very good (well, there really isn’t too many minutes), and in our opinion (thanks to David), it looks like a bit of Star Wars style dark. Having said that, the flat polished pointer is not as completely clear as the Speedmaster. Not that they are not easy to read, but that they are not as clear as other models. Given the sexiness of this two-tone black and white dial, this is something I can easily forgive.

What makes the Panda dial a bit unique here is the alternating rows of black and white rings, starting with a black ceramic quick bezel. The inner white dial features a slightly recessed black small dial that complements the appearance of the panda dial. There are a large number of Omega Speedmaster watches with a panda dial. Those that exist are collectors’ favorites, and I welcome more Panda dial Omega Speedmasters – especially the classic look of the Omega Speedmaster Moon. The steel version of this model…with the panda dial will be incredible, and we think it is almost immediately sold out.

The Omega Speedmaster Series Moonwatch First Omega In Space is water resistant to 50 meters and features a specially engraved bottom cover with Speedmaster hippocampus and “First Omega In Space Numbered Edition” text. Considering that the largest Omega Speedmaster lunar chronograph has a width of more than 44 mm, the case size is of course a small side. Those who want to look great on the smaller size of the Omega Speedmaster series will definitely pay close attention to one of the early or early steel models. I really like it as both a dress watch and a sports watch, but there is also a kick ass dial.

Purists like the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Numbered Edition The First Omega In Space includes a 1861 hand-wound calibre chronograph movement. Thanks to the time and 12-hour chronograph, the dial is very well-proportioned. The first thing you notice on the dial is to welcome the missing text. Of course, there is also the “Omega Speedmaster” text, as well as the smaller “Swiss Made” text, but apart from that, the dial feels as clean as people hope.

The movement of 1861 is certainly not an automatic model. Although I hope it is classic, it is a Speedmaster lunar watch… This is a Speedmaster lunar watch. The important thing is that you get a pure experience, but the sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel are in this very traditional package.

Most people are already familiar with the Omega Speedmaster series and the various options in it. This review is short-lived because we (we and others) have already said a lot about the world of Omega Speedmasters. This is just another flavor of the larger world of Omega Speedmasters, and the price is particularly good – but at a price.

Omega Speedmaster series Moonwatch “First Omega In Space” numbered version (meaning it is not limited, but each has a unique serial number) 37.9 mm 18k Sedna gold reference 311. price of 18,000 US dollars.