Omega Speedmaster Coaxial Chronograph Dark Moon Watch Hands

A simple evolution, the Omega Replica Speedmaster coaxial chronograph dark moon (debut here) proved very cute on the wrist. In the case of a shiny black ceramic case and a black ceramic dial, the “moon watch” naturally borrows the name “Dark Side Of The Moon” such as the actual dark side of the Earth Moon and the famous album of Pink Floyd. There is no doubt that Chronophiles will be interested to learn that 2013 is the 40th anniversary of classic rock masterpieces.

The 44.25 mm wide case is the size of the cherry on the wrist and is very comfortable. Something about design further makes it feel flatter than it – this is a good thing. At the back of the case is a large sapphire crystal with a dome above the movement, allowing you to enjoy the inner movement. Omega Replica Watches did not put the ceramic shell together. Careful details go into precise textures and tones to make sure it is the correct black shadow and shines in the right way. The area of ​​the case is brushed, but it will definitely draw your attention with some noticeable shine.

Best Omega Replica Watches doesn’t need to engrave the “dark side of the moon” on the back of the watch, but they do. It is also not a limited edition. Fortunately, this is the standard model in the current Speedmaster series, and I promise that it will be established in the future due to its success at the show. Although the case and dial are black, they are more legible than any other Speedmaster coaxial chronograph. The baton hour markers and pointers are the right size for easy reading and retain the DNA of the original Speedmaster Moonwatch.