Omega Speed Master Racing Coaxial Master Chronograph Hand Operation

2017 is a very strong year for Cheap Omega Replica Watches with more than 170 new watches. Our meeting with this brand… at least it can be said to be overwhelming. For me, the most important thing is that many of their new watches are great, they offer interesting new changes or improvements to existing classic watches. 2017 is the 60th anniversary of Speedmaster, which debuted in 1957. Unsurprisingly, many new models appeared at the show, including the Omega Speedmaster. Axis timers, there are 10 different models this year.

Omega previewed the watch before the 2017 Underwater World, where we covered it with the automatic master chronograph of the Omega Speedmaster. When the racing master’s game focused on the speed master of the origins of motorsport, it was actually a replacement for the now stopped Omega Speed ​​Master Coordinate Timing (aBlogtowatch comment here). The latter model is actually a larger modern speed master of 44.25 meters wide. When it debuted five years ago, it contained a very impressive Omega Replica Watches homemade 9300 automatic sport.

Since the 9300 movement was first released, Fake Omega Watches introduced the coaxial main astronomical clock standard, which included the movement containing the name including the diamagnetic part and the certified METAS. Therefore, the caliber 9900 (and 9901 with gold) is the old coaxial version of the modern coaxial astronomical clock and now stops at 9300.

The 9900 home automatic movement is visible through the now rounder sapphire crystal case. It operates at 4 Hz (28,800 bph), which is higher than the previous coaxial escapement of 3.5 Hz. The escapement uses a silicon balance spring with a 60 hour energy reserve between the two main spring cylinders. The sport has time and auxiliary seconds dialing, and a full 12-hour chronograph with the timing minute stop hand in the same (right) dial. Its date is six o’clock. The campaign is METAS certified and COSC certified, although the former certification is more or less redundant.

Another watch called Omega Speedmaster has recently been discontinued. This watch was launched in 2011. The 2017 Speedmaster Racing Coaxial Master Astronomical Clock replaced it with the Speed ​​Master Coaxial Timer. The “racing inspector” external standard on the outside of the dial and the use of bright orange on some models are the source of the name “racing”. This is also the way Omega Replica tries to focus on the car elements in the history of the “speed master”, not the “moonlight observation” element of the “speed master”.

Although the size of this case is still the same as that of the Speemaster Coaxial Recorder, it is much more comfortable due to some improvements. First, the outer casing is thinner by 0.8 mm – this is largely due to the fact that the sapphire crystals on the back look more curved than square. You also have a new end link for the bracelet, which points down rather than directly outward, making the watch more comfortable to wear. As I mentioned, the shape change of the outer casing is subtle, but the Swiss Omega Watches racing coaxial master chronograph is much more comfortable than the other 44.25 mm wide master chronograph.

Omega will produce these new Omega Speed ​​Masters competition coaxial master chronographs, with steel, two-tone steel and 18k Sedna Gold, and all Sedna Gold. In addition, belts or steel bracelets are available in different versions. Everything is beautiful, although some versions will be more mainstream than others. For example, a white-to-black or black-to-white dial monochrome version is probably the most popular, but there are certainly some people who are keen on using the orange hand’s “grey sun brush” dial. Many people will like this fact, and now there is a very modern and cool speed master, his hand is orange sports.

More design improvements can be found on the dial and on the bezel. The sub-dial is slightly larger, which is a good thing; the timing marks filled with lubricant are now slightly tapered; the date window is neat and conical; and the panels use interesting new production techniques. This is the best modern speed master on the whole, with a handsome, comfortable appearance and first-class internal and external technology.

I said that the border is new. There are two types of bezel materials, either ceramic or silicon nitride (depending on the color, since the latter is used for gray borders). Then, Omega uses liquid metal, wax or enamel as the border mark and text of the tachometer. The most interesting thing for me is the black ceramic panel with white enamel. The latter is used for border text on white dialing versions because white text requires a bright, permanent color to match the dialing. For me, these are the most interesting dials (white and black small dials). According to Omega, each baked enamel dial has five layers of enamel.

At 44.25 mm wide and 14.9 mm thick (waterproof to 50 m), the new design of these “big” Omega Speed ​​Masters Coaxial Master Chronographs makes them as understated as any contemporary speed master I remember. The case polishing and finishing looks good, and I can easily say that Omega is really constantly improving their best products in one roll. Yes, some designs may not achieve their goals on this road, but most of the time, all of their core products seem to be moving in the right direction. Of course, the downside is that with every few years of change and the emergence of new models, choosing an Omega from the available options is a bit overwhelming.

A brief description of the price. Compared to the retail price of the previous generation of speed masters, the 9300 movements of the coaxial timekeeping table, these new Omega Speed ​​Masters Coordinated Timetables are 9-15% cheaper than the old generation. It is 600-800 dollars. This represents a general price cut we see in this industry – this is a good thing. Therefore, the Omega Racing Coaxial Master Chronograph is not cheap, but the price seems to be much fairer than I remember.

The ωSpeedmaster racing coaxial master astronomical clock model includes reference 329. 7800 Swiss francs (white dial on the belt), 329. 7900 Swiss francs (white dial steel bracelet), 329. 7800 Swiss francs (black) Dial belt), 329. 7900 Swiss francs (black dial steel bracelet), 329. 7800 Swiss francs (brown dial on brown dial), 329. 7900 Swiss francs (grey dial in steel bracelet) , 329. 7900 Swiss francs (black dial with orange hand on the belt), 329. 7900 Swiss francs (black dial with orange hand on steel bracelet), 329. 10300 Swiss francs (Dark shades of gray dial with steel and 18k “Sedna” gold belt), and 329. 22750 Swiss francs (blue dial full 18k “Sedna” gold).