Omega Speed Master Moonwatch Coaxial Master Chronograph Moon Phase Chronograph Watch Review

This year, the iconic Omega Speedmaster celebrated its 60th anniversary after its first launch in 1957. It was not until more than a decade later that it began to be called the “moon watch.” All watch lovers know (after the facts are constantly instilled in their obviously eager minds), the speed master designed by Omega Replica Watches in Switzerland was selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as an Apollo mission astronaut. Wear the official timer and finally board the moon several times. 2019 will be the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, and I definitely hope that Omega has something interesting. But I have now surpassed myself, because now I will share my comments on the timetable of the coaxial main astronomical clock of the 2016 Omega-Omega-Speed ​​Masters.

Since the lunar mission, the “speed master” that has been the subject of racing and pilots has become synonymous with the moon and all things related to astronauts. This is a character that continues to this day, even though Cheap Omega Replica Watches has not yet decided how to truly become part of contemporary space activities to ensure future relevance on this topic. However, what really helped the “speed master” to stand the test was not only the connection with the historic lunar mission or NASA, but its successful design. In addition, the “speed master” is presented in so many ways that even a well-trained expert has difficulty tracking all models.

The Speedmaster product naming conventions don’t help much because they are often confusing, similar to each other, or abstract, hard to remember. For example, according to the Omega website, the official name of this watch is “Omega Speed ​​Master’s Moon Coaxial Master Moon Phase Chronograph 44.25 mm”, which does not include reference numbers. This name actually contains two “Omega”. The only reason is that Fake Omega Watches has so many similar themes (although the watches themselves can be very different), so that it becomes very difficult to describe them. In the past, there were other Omega speed master models and moon phase indicators and chronologies. In fact, one of them is still on sale, almost exactly the same, except that the dial layout and movement are different.

When we saw the Omega Speedmaster chronograph (hereafter referred to as it) after the Basel III in 2016, we didn’t even know what to call it. This very cute Omega watch has only a 10-character name and a variety of special features, and it needs special attention if you want to stand out from the crowd. My overall view of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch’s coaxial master Chronometer Moonphase Chronograph is that it is beautiful, unique and comfortable. At the same time, you need to be a true Omegatologist to understand the depth of its technical appeal and how it fits into larger collections. Best Omega Replica Watches is a strong brand because it has a lot of good watches. Or, you can also use Omega as a brand weakness, it provides too many watches, so that relatively casual watch lovers have the opportunity to easily choose.

A few years ago, in 2011, Omega’s “Speedmaster” became popular, when Omega Replica released the first generation of a new generation of home sports with a self-made caliber of 9300. These abolish the three-dial layout of the timer, select the double-dial design, but use both hands (for measuring hours and minutes) to make the right dial. The 9300 Series’ internal automatic coaxial chronograph is now being replaced by the 9900 Series’ movement, which introduces upgrades such as non-ferrous metal parts for critical components, making the watch more or less completely resistant to magnetic fields. This is part of the meaning of the “main astronomical clock” and is part of the rather special METAS certification that each main astronomical clock receives.

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Coaxial Master Chronograph Moonpahse Astronomical Clock utilizes the movement of the 9904 (also available as a precious metal version of the 9905), the first system to offer a coaxial master chronograph for the Speedmaster family. In 2017, Omega will launch 9900 sports, without the moon phase complex Omega Speed ​​Master Coaxial Master Chronograph collection of the rest. The reason you buy this watch is due to the moon phase indicator and its automatic movement of the coaxial main astronomical clock.

Oddly enough, Omega Speedmaster’s other moon phase chronograph watch has the same size case (44.25 mm wide) and the price is almost the same (actually more). It is the Omega Speed ​​Master professional moon phase chronograph. This watch is based on a more traditional hand-wound action (compared to the 9900 series, I think this watch is quite primitive in everyday wear – unless you really like the “glamour of the old school”), creating a “classic” Moonwatch professional style watch. This watch uses a 1886 caliber. On the basis of 1861, an upper dial is added below 12 o’clock. Its moon phase indicator is surrounded by a pointer date indicator dial.

Both of these elements exist in Omega’s Speedmaster coaxial main astronomical clock phase, but with different layouts. Here, a relatively empty space of more than 6 points (usually where the date will go) is used as a traditional moon phase indicator with a lifelike lunar representation. The sudial on the left has pointers for the date and run seconds. The sub-dial on the right is still used to measure the minutes and hours of the timer (the central hand on the main dial is still responsible for the number of seconds).

The steel version of this watch has a lifelike lunar pattern on the disc, while the gold and white versions have a deformed lunar phase disc that offers a different look. The Platinum version of the watch even has a small magnifying glass with a date pointer. It’s cool, but I remember Omega said that this part is so painful that they can’t make it on a non-limited edition. Want to know more about the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Chronometer Moonometer” “The Moon Phase” (this name is too long, almost every time you enter it) For information on the precious metal shell version I have in my hands, please see our previous article on “fuller collection”.

The model number is 304.33.44.54 .03.001, made of steel and the strap is blue. You can also get the same watch on a more classic black dial, or on a more “traditional speed master” steel metal bracelet. The width of the box is 44.25 mm and the thickness is about 16 mm. The new generation of Speedmaster case is one of the most interesting “classic style” watch cases I know of. The reason I say this is not only because of how it is constructed, but also because it can change its appearance from a different perspective, which I have never seen on any watch.

This is largely related to the sandwich structure of the case, and the different widths of the different parts (the border, the middle case, the case). Despite its size, overall it is very comfortable (if comfortable to wear) and attractive on the wrist, and its details are worth checking carefully. This case is water resistant to 100 meters, with sapphire crystal on both ends and a strap for beautiful interior movement.

Of course, the classic Omega Speedometer scale surface plate is back, and it is made of liquid metal. This means that the blue (in this case) border is ceramic, and the text and markers are actually filled with metal (in other words, they are not scratched). Omega really wants to show the range of its liquid ceramic color. In the various models of the Omega Speedmaster’s coaxial timing main moon phase, you can find the color of the ceramic frame material, such as black, blue, red, green and brown.

This reminds me of another main reason that someone might be interested in the moon phase version of this coaxial timer: color. This cool and unsurprising combination of colors transcends this delightful blue color into interesting styles such as two-tone steel with 18k yellow gold and green, and platinum with red ceramic accents. You can’t find these more interesting color combinations on other Speedmaster watches.

Speaking of blue, this is probably the best blue I have ever seen in the 9000 series. In 2013, Omega introduced a blue dial speed master version of the titanium case, but this special Omega “speed master” lunar phase model outperformed it in pure beauty. Omega knows this clearly, and most of its marketing materials are based on this particular model when it comes to promoting this new collection.

In addition to comfort and visual appeal, the Omega Speedmaster coaxial astronomical clock is also very clear. Apply timing markers and appropriately sized hands to remind you that the Omega Speed ​​Master (in many of its forms) is a lasting design and further invites you to pay close attention. Look at the moon’s disc, paying attention to its footprint (some people think it’s smudged) to commemorate the iconic lunar footprint of Buzz Aldrin and his spacesuit (obviously Not scaled).

Those who like the slightly more gorgeous Omega Speed ​​Master experience (or those who really like to be reminded, or those who really need to watch the moon) will prefer the moon phase version of the Omega Speed ​​Master. This sport, again, is the calibre 9904, produced by Omega, which contains nearly 400 parts. The automatic motion operates at 4 Hz (28,800 bph), the silicon balance spring has a high level of magnetoresistance, and other non-magnetic components. Between the two main spring buckets, you have 60 hours of power reserve.

Although the machine is decorated, the sport decoration is always good and continues in these modern Omega sports. What I want to say is that from the operational point of view, the center of the crown is pulled out to adjust the moon phase in one direction and the moon phase in the other direction. In a model of the 9000 Series motion without a moon phase indicator, the center of the crown can adjust the hour hand within an hour, which is useful, but also the way you adjust the date – which is a bit slow.

ω Vitality Speedmaster is the most basic manual wound in 2017. ωSpeedmaster Professional Moonwatch is a good “start” luxury sports watch. Although the same product family model such ωSpeedmaster Moonwatch Coaxial Master Astronomical Clock Moonphase chronograph will attract more Experienced and advanced watch lovers. I don’t think Omega watches are entry-level high-end watches in most respects, even though Omega really brings a new taste to those who have been enjoying Omega Speedmaster watches for years, and they often crave novelty. It’s not cheap either. Those who remember to spend about $2,000 a few years ago to buy a speed master may do it twice with the starting price of more than $10,000 for this Omega Speed ​​Master Coaxial Chronograph Moon Phase Chronograph. test.

That is to say, the building is solid, the materials are first class, and the movement is a feat of modern timepiece engineering. The price is referenced to 304. Omega Omega’s coaxial main astronomical clock moon phaser moon phase meter 425 mm table is $ 10,600.