Omega Sailor Planet Ocean “Big Blue” Greenwich Mean Timetable

When it comes to the application of ceramics in the manufacture of watches, you must mention Cheap Omega Replica Watches. In 2013, it launched “The Dark Side of the Moon”, which in my opinion should be considered one of the most important watches in modern history. At the time, ceramics had been widely used and adopted by the watchmaking industry, but the speed master “Dark Side of the Moon” used ceramics and was used almost everywhere – except for sports. The entire case, crown, pusher, buckle, and even the dial are made of ceramic. Since then, Omega has started experimenting with ceramics in more ways, and this new marine world “Big Blue” watch is the latest ceramic work.

If you think about it, the application of ceramics in the manufacture of watches makes sense. If your watch is made of a more typical material, such as stainless steel, gold or platinum, it is likely to wear a little. For people who don’t like scratches, this is a problem. Enter the watch with a ceramic case. Because the ceramic is so strong and scratch resistant, it is actually scratch resistant. In other words, ceramic watches are more likely to keep zero scratches and maintain their original appearance.

“Blue Ocean” is Omega’s latest all-ceramic watch. Essentially, it was the blue version of the Poseidon Ocean Deep Black Watch last year (reviewed here), but the highlight here is the blue ceramic case. Fake Omega Watches said it was the first time they used a blue ceramic watch.

Like the ocean dark blue watch, the new “blue ocean” is made of a piece of blue ceramic. The border, crown and even the dial are made of the same blue ceramic material. This is a large watch, 45.5 mm wide and slightly less than 18 mm thick, but because it is made of ceramic, it is much lighter than stainless steel, so its wrist should be very light. The water resistance is a huge 600 meters and there is a helium release valve. In other words, this is a professional diving watch.

The blue ceramic border has a tiny liquid metal fill mark, and the front 15 minutes of the border is filled with bright orange rubber, so it stands out on the blue ceramic border. There are also orange accents elsewhere. For example, the blue ceramic crown has a bright orange Omega Replica Watches logo, and the blue ceramic dial has a Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) track, and its orange color is equally bright. The hands of Greenwich Mean Time are also bright orange. I really like the combination of orange and blue. These two colors are contrasting, look interesting and practical. Finally, the hours, minutes, seconds, and hourly index are made up of 18K white gold and white super-lights Nova.

Inside the watch, there is a power reserve of up to 60 hours and a silicon balance spring. It is tested and certified by METAS and COSC. This means it is an accurate and reliable timer, and it is also very resistant to magnetic fields – in fact up to 15,000 Gauss. This action is very beautiful and can be enjoyed through the back of the display case.

The back of the display case is unscrewed, but it is special in that it is called Omega Replica lock system. Basically, it’s a locking system that ensures that all the engravings on the back of the watch are in the correct position and positioned correctly. This clearly shows Omega’s attention to the details of the watch.

Blue has always been a popular color for watch buyers, and I think the new Omega Ocean “Big Blue” will enter the hands of Best Omega Replica Watches fans and diving watch enthusiasts. For those readers who are interested in last year’s Planet Ocean Deep Black watch, but not the color of a watch that is attractive enough, this blue new watch will make you think. . My confirmation is that this watch has a more interesting look and atmosphere compared to last year’s Planet Ocean Dark Black Watch, which may be more appropriate, because it is a big watch after all, and the big watch should be more powerful. More eye-catching. References Omega Planet Ocean “Big Blue” watches are priced at 10,400 Swiss francs.