Omega Globemaster Watch Team Review

Those who know me know that I am a big fan of the Omega Replica Watches brand, so when I was invited to be a member of the aBlogtoWatch team, I was glad to test the Omega Globemaster in a few months. I also like the Omega Constellation model of the past, so the Globemaster with the “Tart Tray” and “C-shaped Case” is an intriguing model.

Please note that while Matt Smith-Johnson is doing a major observational assessment, other members of the aBlogtoWatch team will present their views on the Omega Global Overlord series and their respective experiences in the following sections.

Every member of ABTW has to choose the Omega Globemaster that he wants to wear. For me, it must be a stainless steel dial and a silver strap. For me, the appearance of sterling silver means that you pay more attention to the individual decorations and lines of the design. When the watch uses some color or different materials, you may lose some details. On the other hand, all-steel watches need a solid design foundation to work. It’s a bit like driving an all-white car – it has to have a great silhouette, or it looks like it’s a cheap refrigerator.

In other words, I am also a super fan of the gold version, especially the crocodile leather strap. In fact, I really like the leather on the global scan. However, since I am already a fan, I feel that this steel bracelet can make my competitive environment and personal prejudice more fair. Now let’s get to the point.

After years of watchmaker career, the information I collected shows that the name Globemaster was originally the name of the American market constellation in the mid-1950s. This was due to a legal dispute with Lockheed Martin because their military aircraft became a civilian vehicle and was affectionately known as Connie. “If you spend some time on Google, or fall into the clickhole of the Omega Forum, you will find some pictures of non-branded global companies in the 1950s. You can also believe me, like living on the ground. People spend your time like that.

I don’t want to talk about it. The really neat thing is that Cheap Omega Replica Watches has actually printed the name of “Global Overlord” on the dial in front of some pie plates. If you can find one of them, you will notice that the contemporary Global Overlord uses the exact same word processing on the dial. This is an interesting callback, and I don’t know why Omega decided to restore this long-forgotten naming convention.

I really like the smooth hands and black stars on the surface of the Omega Globemaster, and I must say that the blue dial is also an amazing variant. The time stamp is very simple and modern, but works with 12-sided dialing.

Looking back at history, the Omega Constellation was definitely a symbol of status at the time, but when Omega Replica decorated its constellation with the dial of the pie plate, an icon was created. This design feature has been rumored to be the all-encompassing work of Gerald Genta, but I’m pretty sure these whispers come from some similarities between the constellation and Geneve Polerouter. What you can’t question is that the long-term impact of dial on Omega history, I am very happy with Omega Globemaster.

I am also a big fan of a 6 o’clock date because it keeps the design clean, symmetrical and simple. For this watch, it just works, it adds to the class factor.

The next step is a reinterpretation of the c-shell, which was definitely designed by Gerald Genta (praise for Genta) and is a return to the constellation model of the 1960s. The groove border doesn’t always appear in the retro reference, but I’m happy that Fake Omega Watches includes it. In order to solve the elephant problem in the room, this watch is in competition with Rolex Datejust. I think this is a good thing. I am not a Rolex myself, but I can understand why people like them: they are versatile watches that you can dress up and dress up casually. This is the hallmark of our Omega Global Overlord.

When wearing the Omega Global Overlord watch, I found that its outer shape is particularly fascinating, 39 mm wide and 12.5 mm thick, which is perfect for my 7.125-inch wrist. This case is back! I took off my watch many times and took a closer look at the beautiful coaxial caliber 8900 and the Observatory Medal. This may be the feature of my favorite watch, and it must be one of the most worthwhile cases… Of course, except for Andersen Geneve, this watch is more literal, Not mechanical.

Another advantage of the Global Overlord is the chamfer and polished edges on the outer casing and bracelet. This is a sharp feature that does help to highlight the lines throughout the design, which is done in a simple and clever way.

With regard to the Omega Globemaster, there is only one detail that bothers me, that is, there is a small gap in the joint between the first and second links of the bracelet. The link itself is much smaller than the oyster-style bracelet, which is great, but my wrist seems too small to get the best spacing between all the links. I have several companions in the Red Bar accusing me of being too picky about discussing this detail (in fact, the discussion has become a bit harsh, a friend screaming “Go to you, man!”), but I noticed this. If your wrist is about 7.5 inches or higher, the link spacing looks perfect, so keep this in mind if you are obsessed with details like me.

Ariel Adams said: Once again, Universal Masters represents Best Omega Replica Watches to combine old and new. Omega Globemaster is the first standard watch series, which is produced under the name “Master Chronomater”, which means that every internal movement inside the watch is a metas-certified performance test. . These are true diamagnetic watches that are durable and avoid the more elegant design of modern retro designs.

In design, Omega draws on some historically unique models to form a retro-inspired combination of elements. Those who don’t know the history of the brand don’t need to know anything about design synthesis. It can be seen that this watch is inspired by the past, but in terms of structure, this watch really feels modern.

When the Omega Global Overlord came out, I felt that Omega really missed a marketing opportunity to define who is the “global overlord” and then tried to match this crowd with the watch. For me, “Master of Global Management” not only travels frequently, mainly for professional purposes, but also has a considerable degree of cultural experience and cultural literacy, not only can survive in strange places, but also find interesting and fresh in those places. Things are like a foreigner.

This doesn’t sound like narcissism, but I think people like professional bloggers can easily become global masters. Omega should emphasize this lifestyle as a personality type and launch a series of activities aimed at presenting people like me (a professional blogger) to wear Universal Master watches around the world and showcase them. Why it is a good watch choice in terms of fashion and function. Oh, well, I think I am the only one who is promoting this information.

Another missed opportunity is that Omega has positioned the global bully as Rolex Datejust. Although the latter watch was a great success as a perfect combination of watches and men’s jewelry, Omega may have succeeded in marketing the Globemaster and engineer’s formal watches. This is just an idea, but the watch industry will start marketing like this sooner or later, otherwise it will continue to miss the opportunity to get Western male attention in many advertising messages. For now, Omega does not seem to conceal the many Rolex product types of its many products. Given Omega’s strong products, it has many good ideas to come up with, but now they (and many of their peers) are not doing well enough to communicate these values ​​to mainstream consumers, and mainstream consumers will be the cornerstone of global demand.

In the best of circumstances, the Omega Globemaster is a masculine watch that moves at the same speed as a high-end luxury sedan engine: smooth, powerful, and cool, you may not know When is it needed, but you will definitely appreciate its existence. This is a solid product, just need it’s marketing niche better for it so that the right people can understand this collection.

David Bredan said: We haven’t discussed a more important and interesting feature of the Omega Global Overlord series: its groundbreaking main coaxial motion is actually debuting in the Global Overlord series of watches and is slowly entering other Omega series. . The automatic movement called Caliber 8900 is the evolution of the brand’s industrialized 8500 mobile in 2014.

“Main Coaxial” (sometimes a coaxial main astronomical clock, occasionally Omega uses both to describe the same thing) refers to Omega’s newly developed, metas-certified anti-magnetic chronometer test movement. Of course it is a bite, but all in all, what you need to know is that all ω Global Overlord watches are equipped with action through two COSC astronomical clock tests (thus receiving an official astronomical clock certificate) and Omega’s more rigorous and comprehensive internal testing, the program has Authorization and close auditing are measured by the Swiss Institute of Technology.

METAS-certified watches (please note that search certification passes the internal testing process, watches, not individual clocks) to accept eight different tests, the accuracy of the test and the exposed casing movement before and after exposure to 15,000 Gauss The magnetic field is strong, water resistant, reserve strength, speed deviation between 100% and 33% of the power reserve in six positions, the average rate of accurate watches per day.

Essentially, any and all Omega watches have a coaxial main astronomical clock movement, you can get a sport and a watch through these rigorous internal tests in Omega.

Omega designed a new chassis for the Globemaster, with a medallion in the center and an image of the observatory, representing the brand’s “precision award” during the “famous” planetarium trial. . Although it will be mainly for more hardcore watchers who will be familiar with the observatory test, the back of the case is a good complement to the dial and case design. Oh, if you like the ambiguous details, we will say that the eight stars above the Observatory represent the eight most important and accurate records set by Omega, and also represent the eight metas certification standards adopted by the watch (and its movement).

The Automatic Winding 8900 features a beautifully decorated automatic rotor (mounted on the 8901 calibre on a “global king” in a gold or white gold case) that provides 60 hours of power reserve at 25,200 beats per hour at a more unusual speed. run.

Bilal Khan said: Matt, Ariel and David are doing a good job of discussing Omega Global Overlord, so I will talk about my experience wearing this watch and introduce the reader to anything I think they should know. The watch I wore broke the mold of the watch I usually like in several ways. First, the 39mm wide Omega Globemaster is smaller than the smallest 42mm I usually look for, but this well-proportioned lug-to-lug width gives the wrist a large enough look.

Secondly, I almost always like bracelets instead of leather (or NATO) straps, but I was quickly attracted to a kind of Omega Global Overlord who later realized that it might be the most “old-fashioned”, it was a brown crocodile watch. Bring a gold-colored strap. The modern proportions, the impressive METAS-certified 8900 movement, and the confident design, a somewhat dull but undisputed combination of simple gold and leather, make my watch impossible to take off in a few weeks.

David explained the benefits of the METAS-certified campaign, and I basically agree with Ariel about the sport and its impressive diamagnetic qualities. I bet that many mechanical watch enthusiasts have had an unpleasant experience due to magnetization. There is nothing flashy or sexy, but knowing that Omega Global Overlord’s resistance to 15,000 Gauss should give you enough peace of mind, accidentally rubbing some random magnetic sources (they are everywhere!) won’t give you a headache.

What I want to say is that there is another model of the almanac I didn’t wear it for a long time, but I tried it and played for a while. Although not necessarily for everyone, the Omega Global Overlord’s annual calendar watch (with actual operation here) is 41mm wide, so if you want to add some weight to your wrist, that’s fine.

Omega Global’s steel prices start at around $7,700, and Matt’s offer is, and then rises. Reference model I wear a 18k gold crocodile leather strap, the price is significantly higher, the retail price is 21,600 US dollars. David looked at the two-tone reference for the white dial, and Ariel’s reference for the blue dial was two-tone steel and Sedna gold, all at $12,000. I really like to wear this watch, and I agree with Ariel that a cohesive, well-thought-out marketing campaign can consolidate Omega Globemaster’s market position as a watch and compete with the Swiss green giant’s products.

Matt Smith-Johnson said: “Aside from the slight violations, I spent a lot of time wearing Omega Global Overlord glasses and I was really sad to see it disappear.” It took a lot of time, I found it It is amazingly versatile. I have also tried leather straps, although I really like folding straps and crocodile straps, but it may make the watch more difficult to wear, and I may not wear it as often as a bracelet.

Anyway, when I tied my watch to my wrist, it really made me feel a bit special. The details are really important, I will not use Omega Global Overlord as part of my future salary. This is a sturdy watch that pays tribute to an icon in a clever way, which I think is a solid addition to the Omega product catalog.