Omega Constellation Globemaster 39mm Copy Watches

That’s one of the advantages being a watch journalist: wearing so many different watches. More than one reasonably could have ever have bought.I am able to try the Omega Constellation Globemaster Replica Watches in stainless steel and Sedna gold.

A serious model indication, isn’t it? It seems to me that Omega is proud about the specifications of their watches, and they’re eager to let you know them. This two-tone Globemaster is a serious watch as well however.

And it seems that in general gold and steel Luxury Omega Replica Watches are gaining popularity again. Tudor brought the meanwhile quite popular Heritage Black Bay in gold and steel, and the watch I’m wearing this week attracts a lot of positive reactions as well. Not without reason.

The combination of steel and Sedna gold is already a very good one, the materials tend to go well together. The deep blue dial in combination with Sedna gold is nothing less than brilliant however. Sedna gold is Copy Omega Watches alloy that blends three main elements: gold, copper and palladium. Their own alloy will ensure that the rose gold color will be a long-lasting one. It is an 18K medium rose colored gold, meaning that it has a minimum gold content of 75%. To me it looks like it has some sort of a grey shining over it. Which might be the reason it combines so well with the steel of the casing and the blue of the dial.

While the model indication of the Omega Constellation Globemaster Fake Watches might be impressive, its reference number and specifications certainly are.A stainless steel case combined with a 18k Sedna gold fluted bezel, fitted with a dark blue leather strap.Protected by an anti-reflective treated sapphire crystal one finds the beautiful dark blue dial. It’s made in the classic Omega Constellation pie-pan style , and look so different in different light conditions.