Classic, Omega Speedmaster Moon Dark Side Apollo 8 Fake Watch

Omega Apollo 8 Replica Watch in a case with a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 13.8 mm. The case is entirely made of black zirconia ceramic and is equipped with a polished ceramic speedometer ring with white numbers and indexes and The word “TACHYMÈTRE” is bright yellow.

The case is polished and brushed with satin, and the middle part is elegantly curved into faceted ears (although like most ceramic cases, it is easily damaged by fingerprints). The plunger chronograph pusher is polished black with a slightly rounded top to provide tactile comfort. Located between the two buttons is a polished black, grooved crown, which will not tighten and is engraved with the Greek letter Omega.

The laser ablation on the board and the bridge produces the lunar surface effect. These slightly conical sub-dials float like satellites on the front of the bare hollow movement, and then use laser ablation to decorate the blackened main board and the bridge. Realistic 3D depiction of the lunar surface. Starting from the dial side, the effect is performed in a lighter shade of gray and echoes the view of the moon we see from the earth, while the back (visible through the transparent sapphire bottom cover window) is a darker gray, which is the same name “Dark side” is something that astronauts have only seen with their own eyes. As expected, these realistic moon details come to life under a magnifying glass, adding a lot of personality to this Moonwatch.

The decorative elements on the back of the movement represent the “dark side” of the moon. Speaking of the back of the case, its sapphire glass window gives an overview of the movement’s appearance, and its brushed black ceramic frame provides engraved text instructions inspired by history.

Finally, let’s take a look at the black leather strap with pebbles, which is perforated (this is a tribute to Speedy’s early auto racing style) and continues the black and yellow theme of the dial. The top and bottom of the belt are black, and the yellow rubber sandwiched between the two layers can be glimpsed through micro-holes made with special milling tools. The yellow contrast stitching at the top enhances this subtle effect. The black ceramic pin buckle has a polished effect and an Omega engraved pattern. The wide tongue can be inserted into the rectangular hole to ensure that the wrist fits securely and comfortably.