Best Omega De Ville Tourbillon Numbered Edition Fake Watch

When people mention Omega, the first thing that comes to mind is not De Ville Tourbillon replica watch , but this watch occupies a very important milestone in Omega’s long history.

  • De Ville Tourbillon Numbered Edition Fake watch

Best De Ville Tourbillon Numbered Edition replica watch is the world’s first anti-magnetic tourbillon. The 43 mm case of thiswatch combines two precious metal alloys, which have become the trademark of the Omega brand. The case with crown logo and buckle logo is made of 18K Canopus gold, which is a proprietary white gold alloy with special brilliance, while the bezel, lugs and bottom cover are rose gold 18K Sedna gold developed internally by Omega production. The gold alloy containing copper and palladium is reddish. The replica watch’s dial is also made of Sedna gold, and the surface is coated with sun black PVD coating. The dead end of the dial is the tourbillon cage, whose hand polished bevel is made of black ceramic titanium alloy.