18 Carat Gold Omega Replica Constellation Manhattan

The Constellation Manhattan was available in stainless steel, steel & gold and gold. One of the Omega Constellation Replica at the time that deserves a noteworthy mention, is the Constellation ‘Star’ from 1992.The Constellation ‘Star’ from 1992 was only delivered to the German market, both with the blue lapis lazuli dial. This watch is noteworthy as it came with a diamond on the dial, which could be positioned at any location based on the client’s preferences.This would be registered officially with the International Star Registry. Also, a star was named “Omega Constellation” already in 1991.

This Constellation, in full 18 carat gold, was produced in 1994 but is still considered the ‘Manhattan’ by Omega. Apparently, this name only changed in 1995 when the design became a bit more smooth on the edges. The main difference was in the dial design though and especially the hands. In 1995 the Constellation received dauphin hands, changing the entire look of the face in my opinion. However, this 1994 ‘Manhattan’ has a Copy Omega Watches gold dial with round hour markers and a printed minute track.

As you can see, the caseback is original and instead of the usual ‘Observatory’ medallion, it now features a nicely engraved Omani Swords logo. The gold stamps can be found in the back of the case as well.Interesting to note is that the movement inside is an automatic Omega caliber 1109, the predecessor of their well-known caliber 1120. Based on the ETA2892-A2 movement, and decorated and finished according to Omega’s standards.

Later on, in 1999, this movement was equipped with a Co-Axial escapement and dubbed Caliber 2500. Besides this automatic movement, the Constellation also used thermo-compensated quartz movements for these models. The automatic models are bit thicker though, due to the dimensions of the movement. This reference 1100.10 Swiss Omega Replica Watches in gold measures 35mm in diameter, without crown. A small watch, but still a bit larger than the 33.5mm quartz models from the early 1980’s.

Whether you like the special engraving or not, there are quite some Omega Constellation ‘Manhattan’ Copy watches out there to discover as they were made in many variations. To me, and I’ve said it before a couple of times in other articles, I believe that certain watches should have a touch of gold.